Effective Tips To Follow After Rhinoplasty Surgery


Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery method for improving and reconstructing the form, replacing the functions, and aesthetically intensifying the nose by fixing respiratory impediment, congenital defect, nasal trauma or a failed primary rhinoplasty.

Nowadays people are more possessive towards their appearance. The beauty cosmetics available in the market can enhance your beauty but the problem is their effect remain only for some time. Hence, different type of surgeries provides great benefits and long lasting even one can say permanently affects to your body.

In New York city, numerous Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons are available who are offering the different surgeries with very positive results.

One of the most important things to consider in this type of surgeries is ‘care’. It is crucial to know that how should you care after Rhinoplasty surgery. What to do, what to not, what to eat or what to not, these are the crucial things you should aware with.

So, if you are also looking for the answers of these questions, read the blog and get to know the answers of your all queries.

Special Home Care Guidelines After Nasal Surgery

During the day of surgery what should you eat:

  • Do not drink hard foods.
  • Take soft foods like baked, chicken soup, mashed potato or cooked vegetables.
  • Avoid spicy as well as pepper food
  • Try to drink a plenty of fluids
  • Avoid acidic juices
  • Do not eat hard to chew foods

As you have had nasal surgery and will require to take it simply for a few days as your nose heals. Thus, follow these directions for the first two days after your surgery:

  • Drink fluids and eat only soft foods the night after your surgery and the next day. Drinking a lot of fluids will shield your mouth from feeling dry.
  • Try not to drink hot fluids or eat hot foods. You may continue your typical eating regimen the second day after your surgery, as endured.
  • To abstain from putting weight on your nose, keep away from truly difficult work, stressing, or vivacious housework or yard work.
  • Try not to bend your head underneath your heart level. Try not to bump your nose.
  • Do not smoke for a week after surgery.
  • Do not use nose drops except your doctor prescribes them to you.
  • Do not drink alcohol for 10 days after your surgery.

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