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The Benefits and Risks of Chin Implants

The Benefits and Risks of Chin Implants

There are so many trends today that help to look attractive. Like the framework is a necessary part that gives the essential look of any building or object. Similarly, the facial skeleton forms the basic framework that helps in representing the face. All are not born beautiful, so people undergo certain surgeries and implants of various body parts. Most commonly dental implant, chin implant, nose surgery, lip surgery and much more.

Chin implants are the fastest growing trend-

Chin implants are especially helpful for changing the facial framework. Some of the main advantages of chin implants are that they help in enhancing chin projection, adjust the shape of the neck, add strength to a weak chin, balance out the profile, and give a more attractive and younger face shape.

By using advanced technology and computer imaging, a chin implant is preferred to present the most attractive and beautiful results for your face shape.

During the procedure, the implant is inserted into the chin through a surgery in the mouth or beneath the chin. This implant can be achieved under local anesthesia, and the healing time lasts only a few days.

When the implant has been implanted, it will permanently give a visible and clearer angle of the chin. It will refine your face shape and give a youthful and attractive appearance.

Some of the risks and complications-

Several people who undergo chin implant have become satisfied with the implant results. No doubt the risk is negligible and complications are not very common, but, they can occur. Below is the summary of possible complications may occur as a result of the chin implant.

  • Nerve Damage- As the implant requires certain surgery near the facial nerves, then there is a possibility that they could be damaged. So it may result in less movement of the lower lip as well as the chin.

  • Movement Barrier- It is possible that one may feel a small uneasiness and tightness around the chin area, in the beginning, this would rapidly settle.

  • Hair loss- Many men may experience hair thinning or hair loss at the surgery section.

  • Bone Erosion- The study shows chin implants can cause bone erosion. Moreover, in very rare cases, erosion can be severe that can even reach the roots of teeth.

Hope the above information regarding chin implant is beneficial for you. For more information and for better results you can consult the Chin implants in New York that can provide you the best results and advice.


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